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A National Network of Certified Drivers

We’re DNS – providing access to our driver network in 23 major U.S. metros and growing every day.  We’re in the business of simplifying your operations – providing our partners with access to networks of rigorously vetted, certified, independently contracted driving service providers.

Convenience is King

The online and always connected economy is one that demands more.  More from your business, more from your staff, and more from your delivery team.  Customers no longer want to wait days for their packages to arrive – they want it as soon as possible.  If you’re not offering same day deliver – or faster – you’re leaving money on the table.

Offer a Better Experience

DNS offers a skilled and certified network of drivers, powered by a sophisticated and user-friendly app offering full transparency to you and your customer.  We fully vet and certify each member of our delivery team – offering an unparalleled experience.  We manage the team, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business and owning your market.

It’s Time to Scale Your Business

DNS is here to simplify your operations, not overcomplicate.  Our team will build a plan for your business that works – including staff needs, scheduling, tracking, analytics, and more.  We know business is unpredictable, so why take the risk of staffing up a full delivery fleet when you can leverage the DNS network?  Interested in learning more?  Get started today.

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Powered by User-Friendly Tech

DNS is focused on delivering consistent results for our partners and team members, which is why a reliable technology is so important.   Our simple-to-use plug and play API and knowledgable network support keep your business on track and your needs met – 24/7/365.



DNS is a fully-supported technology platform connecting certified drivers with local and national businesses to support their operations and business objectives.  In cities where DNS operates, businesses are granted access to the full DNS Network – showing driver location, current job status, and more.  Once a DNS Driver is selected for a particular job, the recipient will receive status notifications, estimated time of arrival, Driver details, and more.